About consulting agency «Medadviser»

Do you need help in building effective business in healthcare? Do you want to invest competently or optimize the activity of the clinic?

The team of professionals of the agency «Medadvizer» will quickly and qualitatively solve any problems in the field of medical consulting. We guarantee expert level of services, integrity and confidentiality.

All the company’s employees have many years of practical and managerial experience in healthcare, besides, thanks to an innovative flexible structure and management model, our agency can attract highly qualified specialists of any direction if necessary.

Our services

  • Medical business «on a turn-key basis»: from conception to realization or any of the stages:
    — Forming a business idea
    — Investor search
    — Business plan development
    — Drawing up a financial model
    — Selection of premises, search for a building contractor
    — Construction / reconstruction management
    — Full equipment of a medical institution
    — Recruiting and training of personnel
    — Licensing
    — Start-up and maintenance on start-up
  • Examination of finished projects
  • Organizational and legal development and support of projects in public health services
  • Information support and protection of medical business, formation of a positive image
  • Audit and optimization of the clinic processes: processes, marketing, finance, personnel
  • Organization of training: training trainings and master classes, further training (including abroad), business and service trainings
  • Analytics and market analysis
  • Institute of the secret patient

Our advantages

In recent years, Russia has been gradually saturating the market of medical services. This leads to increased competition and in the top are those clinics that managed to identify strategically the most strategic goals, allocate resources, optimize the staff structure, and so on. Of course, you can try to hire the necessary number of professionals for this, who will solve all the necessary tasks, being directly in the staff of the clinic. However, in fact, this is not entirely appropriate and is not always possible. In addition to the real shortage of such specialists in the market, the need to constantly spend considerable financial resources on them, no matter how much they are in demand at the moment, leads to insufficient efficiency of the clinic. In addition, the range of tasks is constantly expanding and to provide what kind of specialists will be needed, to have time to find them, in order to solve the problem qualitatively and in a timely manner, it is almost impossible. The services of a specialized consulting agency in most similar situations are cheaper, more efficient and better.

Besides the team of professionals with a wide experience in the process of work, MedeDVisor has partnered with clinics and specialists from different countries. This allows us to promptly, for example, choose a clinic that can be used as a benchmark, organize training and internships for any specialization in any country, in difficult cases, attract leading international experts to solve a particular problem. In addition, it is very important that in addition to directly clinics, our partners work in almost all areas of health care. Among them there are manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies, IT companies, design organizations specializing in medical technologies, financial audit companies, suppliers of medical products, experienced construction contractors. This gives us the opportunity not only to answer any questions in the field of medical consulting, but also to solve the problem in its entirety, comprehensively, «turnkey».